By Iim Imandala, S.Pd.*

Children with autism have communication and social skill problem. Some of them can’t talk and difficulties to express themselves trough speak. They express what desires with tantrum or crying without say something. It make terrible for parents and the others to know what they want to.

In social skill, children with autism, withdrawn and so hard to make interaction with peers or the other people. These problems affect to language and independent development.

We can’t insist autism child to speak or to make social interaction, but we just give them chance to communicate or to socialize. The chances come from play game.

Trough playing game ensures space for every child to improve many skills, include autism children. Gameloft and Nordenhof (2007:7) found playing is so vital in children’s social development; we were surprised that playing can improve social, communication, academic, and another skill child with autism. They will meet various stimulation when they playing game in groups.

We describe here some example game which improve social and communication skill children with autism.


1. Putting In

Materials : basket and bricks

Players : two players

The first child puts a brick into basket then pushes the basket to second child. The second child put a new brick into the basket and push the basket to the first child, and so on. Game is over when all the bricks put in to the basket.

To be continued…

*Teacher of Roudhotul Jannah Special School Kabupaten Bandung.


About Iim Imandala

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2 comments on “GAMES FOR AUTISM

  1. Kang Iim tambahain lagi atuh gamenya buat anak autis teh……

  2. thx bgt 4 information

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